My Second 2nd Anniversary!

2nd anniversaryv2How lucky am I having two blog anniversaries, one when I set up the blog, and the second one today, the date I made a commitment to myself to publish a blog every day. Often the commitment to self is the hardest to keep, as we have so many commitments to others…

Anyway, I’ve missed about four days, but have published more than one on some days to make up for it. In fact, every day in 2012 I also wrote a second blog for the Kick off 2012 Challenge, now nestled on my In The Kitchen page on this site.

I feel Blessed to have found such lively connections within the blogging community, which have spilled over to other social media as well. Through blogging, I have connected with ‘Imaginary friends‘, some whom I have now actually met and am developing deep and lifelong friendships with.

Tomorrow I will be presenting to a group pf people in the country, talking about my life and about dementia. Dementia is still very stigmatised in rural areas, so I also hope to lift the lid on it a little. For the over 65’s it is now the most feared disease, whereas for those of us under 65, when we seek diagnosis for cognitive problems, mostly we don’t even consider the possibility of dementia. However, I suspect this is changing as dementia comes out of the closet.

So, I  will try to keep posting a blog every day, because the discipline required for my brain to work hard is a valuable intervention for dementia. Plus I love the global community and friendships I am making; they [you] inspire me to continue, and help me create dreams to visit and meet up in person. No axe murderers, no longer imaginary friends, but wonderful and real caring inspirational human beings!

8 thoughts on “My Second 2nd Anniversary!

  1. As you will guess, Kate, I LOVE this blog. I really admire your discipline in posting a blog every day and the wonderful mix of topics, moods, humour, poignancy that you bring – but most of all honesty and being yourself 🙂 Congratulations on your anniversary – loved Peter’s little joke. Here’s to raising awareness, sharing, supporting, having fun … and many more happy years of our wonderful, albeit imaginary, friendship. xoxox


    • Yes my dear imaginary friend… glasses together for a long and beautiful friendship. And thanks for your LOVE of my bog, and of life itself, and especially for wanting to make a difference in the world too. xx


  2. Happy anniversaries 🙂 Congratulations on the huge achievement, you really are a determined and proactive person. Great qualities to have 🙂


  3. Happy….Happy….Kate! Great that you were most successful in completing the task at hand and have done so, beautifully and in such an inspiring way. This was truly what you were sent here for, to take on the unfortunate task of D and awaken the world because of it! A very daunting task to say the least. Be oh so proud of yourself. I sure am….Happy week ahead. Love and hugs to you….VK xxoo


  4. Congratulations my darling I cannot believe the difference you have made to the world in a couple of years so keep on keeping on. The gift for a second anniversary is traditionally either paper or cotton. So given that you don’t write on paper but online. I’d say that is your gift for the people who read and hopefully a few more people cotton on to what your saying. Pardon the terrible pun. Love you xxxxx


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