Brains and cantaloupes…













Ok, so this took me a few moments, but eventually I got it!!

I also thought the brain image deserved to appear during Dementia Awareness Month!

Ultimately I will have to find other humorous things for my Tuesday theme, as I will run out of these homework funnies. Feel free to send me a guest blog idea or story…

6 thoughts on “Brains and cantaloupes…

  1. Hello Kate, I too found you from MOOC and I loved the insight you shared for us. I too will be following your blog with interest. Also , you may be interested to know that in 2011 Hammond Care opened a residential care facility (in Dapto NSW) for young people with a dementia. I am not sure how it is going but it was quite innovative at that time. Have fun regards Moira


  2. Hi Kate, I’ve also just watched you on the MOOC course and firstly it was so great to see the person in the electronic flesh so to speak that writes these posts and secondly for the valuable perspectives you offer to all of us interested in dementia, understanding people with the illness, in people and in life. Many thanks. Paul.


  3. Hi Kate I found your blog from the link on the MOOC course I am doing on Dementia. I really got a lot from watching your video interview on the course as well. Thankyou so much for sharing your story to help me learn.
    So How is the brain like a cantaloupe? LOL well i think it is Mushy!
    I have bookmarked your blog and will visit it again soon
    Debra x


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