Anyone for Beer?








I’d have to say, a beer and a sleep might well be much more fun than writing about the Beer-Lambert Law!!

No wonder life at school often seems so unrealistic and ‘useless’ to so many of the children attending…

Yesterday, I decided on reflection that the subjects at school that have probably served me the best, or at least been the most useful to my every day life, were English, home economics, sewing, typing and shorthand, with English and typing possibly having been the most beneficial of them all!!!

2 thoughts on “Anyone for Beer?

  1. Schools are a travesty Kate! designed to dumb the kids down. What use does knowing the Beer-Lambert law do for anyone as far as advancing them in life? Nada!!!! How about teaching them how to reconnect with their spirits so they aren’t lost anymore….Don’t get me started 🙂 Blessings and love…VK


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