Spanner man… Victoria

Tuesday is meant to be my day for adding something funny, but I can’t think of anything funny to write, and have run out of homework!! Anyway, a cousin sent me some images from a man in Victoria, lovingly called ‘Spanner man’ who is wheelchair bound, but whose hobby is making things with old spanners. They are quite remarkable, and so today I’m sharing two of them. If I knew his name, I would of course give him proper copyright… if anyone out there knows him, please let him know I’ve featured his brilliant work on my blog! Also, this is one garden seat I’d really love to have!!

Spanner man seatSpanner Ballerina

5 thoughts on “Spanner man… Victoria

  1. His name is John Piccoli and he lives near Boort, Victoria. John contracted polio at age eight. He is seventy four years old and continues to create ever more spectacular sculptures. He and his wife Sonia will receive visitors to their sculpture garden any day by phone appointment only.


    • Yes, aren’t they wonderful. I would love to find out who he is and commission one!! Love and hugs to you VK… Australia is still in the grip of fires in NSW, and last night a mini tornado in a town in Victoria, and here, rain all night. But this morning, two Kookaburra couples who live in trees, one on our property, were singing madly… truly a beautiful way to wake up!


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