Tough times in Europe but a message of hope

This blog is by my friend Gill… with whom I will be touring with in December -Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide – with the intention of making it real in Australia soon. The voices of people with dementia, the “real experts” being heard globally, no longer denied a place on the podium, nor in their own future and care.

Whose Shoes? A catalyst for change in health and social care

Last week we were very honoured to attend and run a workshop at the  23rd Alzheimer Europe Conference ‘Living well in a dementia-friendly society’, Malta 10-12 October 2013. I attended with Shahana Ramsden. We have written this blogpost together and published it first on the Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) website  and now here on my own blog… with some added tweets, photos and a short video capturing the buzz of the session! It is the first of what we hope will be a series of posts sharing our experiences and learning from this wonderfully inclusive European event. 

By Gill Phillips, Director of Nutshell Communications and creator of Whose Shoes?® – Making it Real; and Shahana Ramsden, Making it Real Project Manager, Senior Co-production and Equalities Lead…

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6 thoughts on “Tough times in Europe but a message of hope

  1. Dear Kate,
    many thanls for your nice and useful video, which we saw in Malta. it was fine to see you again…With love Nina


  2. Kate – I didn’t know that you had such a profound impact on the younger onset “movement” globally – congratulations!!!!! wow ….. to show your video and then take your opiniion and points of view etc and use that …… amazing. Congratulations once again!!! 🙂


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