Star and Boris

Star & BorisStar now gone to that place where sleeping cats go

Boris still looking for her, everywhere

facing the loneliness, lost from his playfulness

yearning for his playmate

missing the cat dance they played together at night

the daytime antics, the lizards brought inside

which she watched him torment

until I saved it from their games

She mothered him and bossed him

but they were together more than we were

house sitting, staving off the burglars

as they slept on our bed for 23 hours a day!

6 thoughts on “Star and Boris

  1. Oh I know he wonders and aches for Stars return…So sad. Have you thought about a companion for him? It must be so lonely to be the only one of your kind around…It might lighten his heart and yours as well even though Star can never be replaced….Hug that baby tight…VK xxoo


    • We are staying close, although he was quite traumatised because we were both away for almost 3 days, and the sitter was only in at night! Not sure about getting another one… maybe one day, but not yet, my heart is too raw. xox


  2. A lovely piece, Kate. We lost the elder of our two cats, Florence, nearly two years ago. The younger one, Abu, was bereft and mourned her passing. Flo had mothered him and kept him in his place. Now, we are a two-cat household again and young Reggie adores Abu. Simple pleasures.


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