If you don’t say it, who will?

Jeff Goins is a blogger and writer I follow from the USA, and his email today hit the spot perfectly!! So much so, I am blogging in full it further below. However, these three lines really stood out;

“We need you. Your voice and message matter too much for us to miss. Because if you don’t say it, who will??


Today, and every day, I am asking all people with dementia to read it, and to consider raising your voices wherever you live. Every country needs you. Every Alzheimer’s Society or Association needs you. Whether they know it or not. There are now three Dementia Working Groups in the world – Scotland, Europe and Australia, but without more people with dementia standing up and speaking out, and joining the global movement, little will change, or change will be too slow.

The phrase ‘nothing about us without us’ has been bantered around for years, used on promotional material or corporate flyers as a way of implyng the company or assocation or society is walking that particular talk. However, in reality, it is not so often the case, and a very subtle but real stigma and discrimination still often undermines equality for people with dementia.

And even though we have made a lot pf progress, and we have, in the case of people with dementia being given an equal platform, as a person with dementia, I believe we still have a long way to go. Jeff’s words really resonated with me.


Jeff Goins writes a lot about about writing and blogging, but his focus today is more about speaking up, and he says:


“Most writers get this wrong. I wish they didn’t, but that’s just the way it is. The fact is you don’t need to become better at what you do. You need to become bolder. (I wrote about that earlier today.)

If you have a message the world needs to hear — and we all do — what you need isn’t necessarily more skill.

You need attention. Not the kind that puffs up your ego and makes you feel important, but the kind that makes a difference.

And the way you get that attention is by earning it: by saying something worth listening to and doing it in a compelling way that invites others to join you.

I call that writing with a worldview. And it is the most overlooked secret to building a successful platform.

I’ve said before that it’s not what you say but how you say it that matters.

Of course, we all know that we can’t just say anything — your message MUST matter — but we also understand that the world’s best communicators aren’t always the most popular ones.

So what do we do about this? Do we sit back and shrug, letting someone else deal with this problem?

Or we do everything we can to give our words the attention they deserve — so they can have the impact they were meant for?

And he then goes on to say;
Here’s the bottom line:

We need you. Your voice and message matter too much for us to miss.

Because if you don’t say it, who will? (Feel free to tweet that.)

Maybe no one told you this. You sure didn’t learn it in school. But now that you know you need a platform, a way to communicate with a tribe of followers, you’re accountable.

You’ve got to do something… right?

I hope you speak up, even if you’re afraid. Even if you’re shaking in your boots right now. Fear is good; it tells us our fight is one worth fighting.”


Note: Authors: Kate Swaffer and Jeff Goins 2013 – I have a hyena in my computer today who won’t allow me to add these or anything else, as tags!!!

2 thoughts on “If you don’t say it, who will?

  1. ….I agree with Jeff Goins…..and I am doing my best to share with the world about how I cope as a A/D sufferer….I have a website, and I have received hundreds of thousands of hits in my three years of containing/halting this insidious disease…….I do wish that more people would start up a website and share with everyone……


    • You are doing brilliantly Tony… and I’m in complete agreeance about wanting others to share. It is happening more though, and there is a groundswell of change on the way for people with dementia… maybe not as quickly as we want, but on its way ! Thank you for what you are doing..


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