To my dear husband…

Jans 60th 2013This photo was taken recently at a girlfriends 60th birthday party, and I thought I’d share it as it is quite a change for us to be dressed up!! The theme was the 1920’s, and I even wore a dress, something I’ve not done since we married.

Mostly, I am feeling the burden of dementia on my dear husband, and want to declare to him that I LOVE HIM, and am extremely glad he is willing to hang in there with me for this sometimes hideous journey.

21 thoughts on “To my dear husband…

  1. Bless you dear Kate, and your husband (I couldn’t find his name) so your darling!
    Thanks for your wonderful pic and so glad you had a lovely time!


  2. What a lovely photo Barbie –oops– Kate 🙂 And what a beautiful thing you’ve said. I’m sure he knows it but it’s always good to keep saying it, isn’t it {insert big heart here}


    • This blog changed our day yesterday, and we drifted off to the Barossa Valley for a wonderful vaguely romantic day out together, instead of moping around the house as we had the day before, worrying about the changes taking place! Love Barbie!!


      • Why don’t you try to do something like that regularly? Can you do it every 2 weeks? Or the 1st and 3rd sunday of every month ….. etc….. know what I mean? Also gives you something to look forward to. 🙂


  3. Obviously he feels blessed by having you in his life as well Kate or he would not be there. You both deserve praise for being wonderful people! Such a good looking couple as well…You were meant to be together in this life time. Enjoy the ride no matter how bumpy the road….Blessings…VK
    P.S. You do look gorgeous Kate! Pearls and all 🙂


    • Thank you my friend.. the pearls seem to be my signatiure lately too!! Perhaps I’d better start wearing twinsets, like I did in my 20’s, when I was much more old fashioned… love and hugs to you VK.


  4. Hi Kate, I went to a 1920’s themed birthday party myself a couple of months ago and enjoyed the novelty of wearing a dress! Congratulations on making the plunge back into dress-hood and on highlighting the importance of recognising the value of our relationships – something that we all fail to do at times. Thanks again for your wisdom. Carolyn


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