Why do we finish school?

Why do we search for that job we will love,

or that next course we want to do?

You know, the one that will make all the difference…

Why does love lurch and loom in our lives?

Why do we seek peace and inner happiness,

the two things that seem to elude many of us?

Why were we born in the first place,

when there are already so many people in the world?

Well, why not, you might think or say!

When your search for purpose

turns into something truly beautiful, and

more meaningful than we had dared to dream…

This is my answer to why.


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. hello dear one, and a truly wonderful reason as the WHY. what more could we ask for you as have said it all for us, hope your morning went well shopping with hubby, love you to the moon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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