Change is in the air…

change-is-in-the-airIt feels as if I am being pulled by a stronger force not to publish a blog some days, a vaguely conscious decision, but one coming from somewhere else. There is no valid reason not to blog every day, and there is also no valid reason to do so either. The value of writing privately or publicly, is the value for me. The memory bank I am building, and the neuroplasticity work of blogging is incredibly useful as well as it being a resource for others, but the real value for me is the writing, the expression of something. I figure, as long as I write somewhere, I’ll be ok…

Blogging is a fun way to spend part of each day, but it takes significantly more brain power than it used to, and to do so can mean I can’t achieve much else. The last few days I have been using more brain power during the day than usual, and have had to conserve it by not blogging. I’ve missed it, but not blogging has not caused a major world disaster so I’m ok about it!!! 😉  Over the next couple of weeks, I will probably start blogging more regularly again, daily if possible as the discipline of that ensures I actually write at all, and writing is my therapy, helping to keep the loss and grief, and inevitable sadness of dementia away.

13 thoughts on “Change is in the air…

  1. Hi, I met you yesterday at your presentation at Altzhiemers in Parkville. I found you inspiring and warm. I am so excited that I can read your blogs and follow your journey, I have worked in the aged care industry and with people who suffer from Dementia for 25 years and am continually frustrated by the lack of change in attitudes by decision makers. Your story was amazing and my only wish is for your message to be heard by those who are in charge of funding, unfortunately I feel you were speaking yesterday to those who already get it and there again lies my frustration. In saying that I will continue to try and mentor those I deal with directly and continue to treasure my time with the clients I deal with who have dementia. Keep up the good work, fight the fight and hopefully you will win the battle.


    • Hi Julie, Thanks for joining the conversation here, and for attending yesterday. I have the same issue as you, the people who ‘need’ to see things differently, rarely attend events like yesterdays! Keep up your great work. Kate


  2. Go with that flow Kate!! I know a short while back I was told by some force from somewhere to slowly phase out my blog as the information I was giving was no longer needed. We have entered that new world now even if we don’t know it clearly yet. It is time for a new way of thinking and feeling and being to match our new surroundings…Perhaps the same voice message came to you as well…We shall see where it takes us. I was nervous about no longer having my writing everyday be my purpose. What in heavens name was I meant to do now? I discovered I wasn’t bothered by not writing everyday anymore and so I have placed my strength in the ‘flow’ with trust that it will soon bring me to what I am to do next…Praying hard 🙂 Be well my friend and allow the empty spaces to fill up with what is meant to be for you now…All is well….Love…VK xxoo


    • I wondered if it was the same force… lovely to read your wisdom, whenever you feel it is right to publish your blogs. Like you, I’m simply going with the flow. Hope all is well with you… love and hugs


  3. Dear Kate, The inspiration, love and truth you’ve shared so beautifully over time has been applauded by, and means a lot to, so many. Even an erratic procrastinator like me reads your blog every day and would miss it BUT it comes down to what is best for YOU. After all, there’s so much we can re-read and learn from. Thanks for all you’ve done – and are doing. Much love, Marjorie Woolford.


  4. Your daily blog has been missed, it is good to know you are well. The value of writing cannot be underestimated – whether this be a private diary, a blog, or an memoir.
    Professor Richard Freadman (retired Prof of English and Director of the Unit for Studies in Biography and Autobiography, LaTrobe University) says ” human beings are a narrative creatures…… human beings are story telling animals” and talks about “the narrative as ways of selectively producing meaning from the flux of experience; narrative’s work in building and affirming personal identity”
    He is an incredibly interesting person who speaks clearly and well about the importance of the self reflection involved in narrative writing.
    I have heard him speak on two occasions recently (the last being on Tuesday last), and found him to be truly inspirational.
    Write your blog when you feel like it Kate, your generosity in sharing your journey with us is humbling and appreciated, and I hope is something of pleasure for you.
    I look forward to meeting with you in Melbourne today.


  5. I admire you for even being able to blog as regular as you do. I am finding myself time poor with study, work & farming. I do read yours every time you blog even if I don’t comment. Love you lady friend long time xxxx


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