12 Online Scams to avoid

As well as a haiku today, I thought I’d add these 12 tips to avoid online scams. We are all suspect to receiving them, and in fact I received about 5 emails yesterday that were Shipping Notification Scams, which had I not seen this and been reminded of the criminal, inhumane scammers, I might have fallen for their trap!


Internet scammers

Criminals without a heart

Fooling the naïve

Kate Swaffer © 2013

Avoid the top 12 ONLINE SCAMS of the holidays, by The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 2013.

1. Dangerous Holiday Season E-cards Before you open an e-card, verify it’s from someone you know, and it’s from a trustworthy site.

2. Seasonal Travel Scams Websites offering great airfare or hotel deals could be luring you into a trap, double-check before you click.

3. Hot Holiday Gift Scams Be wary of deals on popular gadgets that are too good to be true, and double-check prices directly with the retailer.

4. Shipping Notification Scams Think twice before clicking links in shipping notification emails, and always verify the company is legitimate before giving out your information.

5. Deceptive Online Games Avoid unknown websites serving up popular online games. Check reviews and stick to known sites.

6. Bogus Gift Cards Only buy gift cards from official retailers – no third party websites.

7. SMS Phishing Be wary of text messages asking for account verifications, and never provide passwords in text messages.

8. Fake Charities Before donating, check the web address carefully and look for fake logos or text with altered charity names.

9. Romance Scams Only join dating sites with strong reputations or referrals, and never click links from anyone you don’t already know.

10. Phony Online Retailers Check web addresses for subtle clues that you’re on a fake website, and stick to known, trusted online retailers.

11. Malicious Mobile Apps To avoid malicious apps that could steal your information, stick to the official stores for downloads and purchases.

12. SMS App Scams Stay away from the links in text messages that offer to update or install an app.

5 thoughts on “12 Online Scams to avoid

  1. Great tips – thanks, Kate. This isn’t an online scam, but we regularly get phone calls from someone purporting to be from the Windows Support Centre, which is of course nonsense. They get access to your computer and then wreak all sorts of havoc. I just put the phone down. Another way to call their bluff is to say that you don’t have a computer – or that you have an Apple Mac not a Windows computer!


  2. Thanks for the alert Kate. I love your Haiku. Today when I was browsing in a book shop for gifts for grandchildren & I came across a delightful little book called I Haiku You, which I bought for them – but mostly for me! Have you seen it?


    • Hi Wendy, great to hear of people buying poetry books for children. I’ve not heard of that one, but will look for it. I have a manuscript of haikus almost ready to go to the publisher… fingers crossed!!!


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