Blog stats… what do they really mean?

stats-going-up-successWordPress sent me some statistics about the last 12 months of blogging, and I have added some of it today…

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year.  It would take about 3 days for that many people to see my blog if it was an exhibit at the Louvre Museum. It was a bit weird reading this, as I’ve been to the Louvre, and cannot imagine my blogs being in a gallery or museum! Some days, it was viewed over 500 times an hour, and by people from 167 countries around the world.

In 2013, there were 348 new posts, so I was not too far off of writing and publishing a daily blog. The total archive of this blog has hence grown to 867 posts, one published in July 2011, the rest since 2 September 2011.

They highlighted my top five posts, but apparently some of my most popular blogs were written before 2013, and WordPress said,  “Your writing has staying power!  Consider writing about those topics again.”

The trick now is to find out what those topics were!!

So what do the statistics mean? Not much really, other than I write quite a lot, and I do have a lot of wonderful ‘Bleaders’ as Julie Powell called her Blog-Readers. If I was in business, and relying on this blog as a tool to attract clients, it would probably mean something quite different, perhaps mostly to my business plan and bank account!

But forget the stats, this blog means a lot to me now, for a number of reasons;

  • it is a very useful communication tool
  • it is my memory bank
  • it helps immensely with managing some of the symptoms of dementia
  • it works my Neuroplasticity
  • it is creative
  • it has brought a lot of wonderful new friends into my life
  • it gives me a focus on the days I feel lost to the symptoms of dementia
  • it has connected me with students all over the world
  • it is a resource in a number of universities and education centres for dementia degrees and courses
  • it has helped define me beyond the diagnosis of dementia
  • blogging = sharing and caring
  • it occasionally inspires others
  • it has helped me receive and accept criticism more easily
  • it has improved my writing
  • it has inspired me to write and publish more poetry
  • it gives me something to do when I am home alone, which is a lot of the time
  • it educates others
  • it reduces the stigma, discrimination, and isolation
  • and provides me with meaningful and fun-filled engagement

There are a few pitfalls of blogging, the biggest for me having been some comments that have at times seemed particularly mean, maybe not intended to be hurtful, but hurtful none the less. It is too easy to take them personally, and difficult to not feel very wounded some of the time. What I write is my opinion, and at no time do I every declare it to be a ‘fact’.

What is a fact anyway? Often simply someone’s ‘research conclusion’, that in the future, another scientist or researcher will prove to be untrue!

But positive or negative commentary and feedback is always useful, and perhaps more so if it makes you consider something from someone else’s position.

On this blog, my opinions are my own, at all times, and my blogs are based on how I feel and see the world, most often as a person diagnosed with dementia. And, I love receiving your feedback; it contributes greatly to my world. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Blog stats… what do they really mean?

  1. Kate – you do INDEED have a lot to be proud of. But I think I found 2 things missing from your list …….

    – sense of achievement after uploading each post and getting interaction / comments
    – sense of pride in knowing that there are so many people that keep returning back to your blog. I’m sure there are many people who are regular readers … they wouldn’t keep coming back if there wasn’t anything worthwhile to read.

    Know what I mean?

    Congratulations for all the points you listed in yoour post 🙂


    • Dear i0landa, thank you for reminding me to be proud, as well as the sense of achievement which I do feel. When writing this blog, some of the sadness of the year overwhelmed me at times, and it was quite hard to stay positive. Thanks for being my friend… love and hugs xox


  2. Wow, those stats are amazing. Makes my paltry 65,000 for the year pale into insignificance. But, more importantly, it shows how many people you are reaching and what an important communication tool your blog is. And it gives you so much personally, too. Kudos to you and go from strength to strength in 2014.


    • Thanks Vanessa… having a wider audience is probably because dementia is such a ‘hot’ global topic at the moment, but it has been humbling and rewarding to be have instigated, and then been a part of so many very important conversations. Keep up your wonderful writing too, it always takes me for a wonderful trip to your neck of the woods!


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