Loneliness sits silently

Too often tinged with sadness

Wafting through one’s heart

Waiting for no-one in particular

Filling one’s soul with curiosity

Wondering why

It never quite goes away

A movie or a book

Beautiful music

Amongst a throbbing crowd

Or all alone

There is no difference

When loneliness and sadness

Sneaks in

Nothing takes it away

Not quite ever

The memory of old grief

Maybe a suicide or divorce

Always a death of some kind

Intertwined with new losses

And an alone-ness

Too hard to describe

With spoken words

But through poetry


Those wretched feelings

Of loneliness and sadness

Deep inside one’s heart

11 thoughts on “Loneliness

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  2. Excellent poem Kate….I just hope you are not feeling too much loneliness in your life. I rather think of you filled with courage and gusto taking on the PWD world and feeling energized by it. We are all out here rooting for you 🙂 Let’s all make 2014 the best year ever, so kick loneliness to the curb and know we’re always here for each other 🙂 Much love…VK xxoo


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