Calling for support…

There are a couple of links below for which I ask for your support. The first is a survey aiming to support a more inclusive voice of people with dementia at ADI2015, being held in Perth Western Australia. The phrase ‘nothing about us without us’ is still bantered globally, and until now the voices of people with dementia have not really been listened to, nor given a proper forum. Our presence has been tokenistic, and in my humble opinion so far have supported the organisations, far more than supporting people with dementia.


Alzheimer’s Disease International conferenceSurvey

In 2015 Perth will play host to the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference. Our goal is to ensure it includes, and is guided by, people living with dementia. We would like to hear from people with dementia, or carers of someone with dementia and ask you to spend a few minutes filling out our survey to help guide us as we put the conference plan together. Please click the link below to take part in the survey.


The following is a petition I have copied from the from the Alzheimer’s Australia Facebook page:

Fight Dementia We need your help to get 20,000 signatures for a petition to Tony Abbott to make dementia a priority agenda item at the G20 and tackle dementia as a global economic issue!
Show your support by signing the petition and sharing the petition with your friends and family.
Dementia is set to have a global economic impact with projections that by 2050 there will be 135 million people worldwide with dementia. The current worldwide cost of dementia care is more than US$600 billion, or around 1% of global GDP. If dementia care were a country, it would rank as the world’s 18th largest economy.
Thanks for your support!

4 thoughts on “Calling for support…

  1. In the UK, unpaid carers for those with dementia and other conditions, effectively save the government, the same amount it costs them to finance the National Health Service, every year. Dementia research and care, attracts far less funding than both cancer and heart disease, yet, in many developed countries, dementia is now the disease/condition affecting many people, and costs nations more than either of the other two put together. A re-alignment of research funding is needed. We’ve developed many treatments for both cancer and heart disease, yet, in over 100 years, we’ve hardly progressed at all with dementia. The former were challenges of the late 20th century, dementia is a challenge for the 21st century!


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