Kate Swaffer’s “Prescribed Disengagement”, “the sick role” and living with dementia

It seems my experience is not unique… during dinner last night with friends from the UK, one who was diagnosed with younger onset dementia in 2010, mentioned he and his wife were booked to go on a five week holiday to Australia, and during the same appointment when he was diagnosed, he was told to cancel the trip! After careful consideration, he too chose to ignore his doctors advice, and successfully enjoyed on his holiday. He has managed holidays to Australia every year since, and numerous speaking trips in the UK, proving there is absolutely no need to accept the “Prescribed disengagement”! It is the only disease patients are told to give up, rather than to fight for their lives…

2 thoughts on “Kate Swaffer’s “Prescribed Disengagement”, “the sick role” and living with dementia

  1. Kate – I don’t think it’s the only disease that people are told to “give up” ….. I’m sure it’s the same for some paraplegics, quadraplegics etc after some limited rehab. And yes, this is roughly what was said to my parents 17 years ago for me and my diagnosis, although mine isn’t terminal. But I’ve surprised them all – some doctors (eg. neurologist) said he’s surprised that I’d done so well etc. But then not many neuros see early onset dementia patients.

    I really admire your spirit Kate ……. keep it up!! ❤


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