Ok, I’ve never really believed in Monday-itis… but today I’m thinking about going back to bed! I really don’t feel up to dealing with the day, and in fact I suspect I had Monday-itis every single day last week! Boris my beautiful Russian Blue cat loves these moments or days, as it means if the weather permits, I go and sit in the garden with a cup of herbal tea and a book or music. We then chill out together for as long as it takes me to recuperate mentally or emotionally, and say; ‘Let’s do this!”

Onwards and upwards amongst the clouds, reaching for the stars… if you can manage it, that really is the only way. We can only climb a mountain by taking one step at a time, and even if we stumble or fall backwards occasionally, we have to get up and keep going… Regardless of loneliness, sadness, disAbilities, or grief and loss. The only time we can be sure of is now, and for me, the only way is to live every day as if it’s my last, just in case it is, in the very best way I can. Not necessarily upbeat and in love with what is happening or how I am feeling every single day, but dealing with it with honesty and openness.

I’ve been likened to a skittle on a bowling alley, no matter how many times I get knocked over or fall over, I keep getting back up… And the great thing about this Monday is that where I live it is a Public Holiday, and if I wish, I can go back to bed!

6 thoughts on “Monday-itis

  1. I’m glad that you get benefit from going outside and just distancing yourself from things and you were able to do this last week. Luckily for us it’s summer.

    There’s a song that have the words you’re using in your post…..

    I get knocked down) by Chumbawamba – I sometimes sing the chorus to myself. I think it’s a song from the ’80’s ….. it sounds pretty harsh on YouTube but the way I ‘sing’ it isn’t nicer 😉


  2. And let me remind you (probably not for the first time as I love it so much I repeat it over and over to all my friends) of my favourite saying: “How lovely it is to do nothing, and afterwards, to rest.”


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