Here I go again

grad hat clip art


Here I go again

Back to studying

My days seem longer

My brain is stronger

It may not cure me

But will sustain me

With lots of thinking

And not much drinking

Except for herbal tea

And lot of nuts and seeds

More fun than silly games

There may be brain drains

But meaningful engagement

Real life satisfaction

No suffering or moping

PLOM disease

Is not for me

6 thoughts on “Here I go again

  1. Sounds fantastic Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl…Keep that gray matter tweaking and embrace life no matter how it comes to you 🙂 Sending much love….VK
    Can’t help but think of you as Australia takes front seat in this very tragic airline mystery…Praying for them all and hoping for the best…


    • Thanks VK… keeping the grey wells WORKING is the point of it, rather than the hat and scroll at the end, much more meaningful than some stupid app!!Yes, the airline tragedy is truly devastating for all those families, not knowing what happened, or where they are. If they are where their search is now, it will be very difficult to find too. Thanks for your love and support, which I’m sending right back to you xox


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