Glenn Campbell lives well with dementia

Glenn Campbell has not allowed Alzheimer’s Disease to stop him from living his pre-diagnosis life. His wife Kim and family have supported and enabled him to continue singing and recording, and Glenn is living well with dementia. His wife Kim said that his doctors are convinced his continuing to be physically active and remaining meaningfully engaged are the main reasons his disease has progressed as slowly as it has. Let us all learn from this, and encourage and empower other people living with dementia to do the same.

And, if I was able to, I would have added a YouTube clip for you to enjoy, but for now, I’m retiring from trying to, and will come back to it later!! For now, go to this link


6 thoughts on “Glenn Campbell lives well with dementia

  1. Fantastic article Kate, you are right about “prescribed disengagement” being such a bad thing. Do what you love has to be the best advice.


  2. I have always love Glen Campbell’s music, and I find it helps me to relax at times when I am feeling down on the bad days, although I enjoy it on the good days too. It brings this illness home to us, when a star like Glen gets this type of illness, as we all feel so alone at times. This helps us to understand just how global the illness is, and we can all understand his struggles, although we are not so well known. In its own little way it helps us all to cope that little bit better some days.
    Thank you for this wonderful Blog, and I really hope you can keep it going, because its helping so many people with dementia, to realise that it is possible to like an active life after the diagnosis


    • Thanks dear Ken… togethr we can support each other. Thanks to blogs, twitter and Facebook, it has become regular and inclusive. Take care my friend, and I’ll do my very best to keep writing for as long, and as often as possible. I look forward to reading your blogs too..


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