Best Australian Blogs Competition

The People’s Choice Award is now open…

I’ve entered the Best Australian Blogs 2014 Competition again this year, just for fun. The competition is now closed and there is a staggering 1125 entries. The Australian Writer’s Centre says; “We’re really excited about bringing together so many bloggers, and can’t wait to start reading your blogs.”

My blog is listed by the exact name entered on the entry form, which is Creating life with words: Inspiration Love and Truth.

You can now vote in the competition until 5pm on Monday 5 May 2014.

As I’ve to been able to work out how to upload the bright and shiny voting badge, you can link directly to the People’s Choice Award survey page here.

Ps It is complicated and a bit tedious, as you have to click NEXT at the bottom of each page until you get to tick on the box for my blog, then keep going clicking NEXTto get to the page where yo fill out your details !!! AWC need to simplify this survey..

18 thoughts on “Best Australian Blogs Competition

      • Hello, dear friend. The sponsors of this contest could not have made this process more complication and tedious than if they had tried from the very beginning to design a process which was both complicated and tedious. None the less, I got through and voted for you.



      • Thank you dear Richard… I have been giving them copious amounts of feedback today, as I did last year, but still they persist with a rediculous voting system! Looking forward to seeing you very soon too. xox


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