Writing keeps the sunshine in my soul

Source: Melonheadz Illustrating

Source: Melonheadz Illustrating

Once again, another fabulous writer and blogger Jeff Goins has introduced me to a blogger, Claire De Boer who has a blog called The Gift of Writing: Your story matters.Jeff Goins introduced her like this: Claire De Boer is a writer, editor, and mentor with a special interest in how story connects and heals us. She is also a certified Journal to the Self instructor. Visit her blog to download a free eBook, Soul Writing.

She wrote a story for Jeff’s blog titled Writing Could Be The most Important Thing You Ever Do, which sat snugly inside my heart. I’ve been writing, trying to find my own truth and to heal myself, as well as building my own memory bank, which has been the most useful thing ever on the days I can’t recall my own life or thoughts.

Claire De Boer wrote:

“Everything inside me resisted writing the truth because I didn’t want to admit to the way I was feeling. I was also ashamed to reveal myself to others. Finally, I realized I had to write from the dark place or not at all.

And so it was, from the deepest part of my being, that my words began to grow—like buds blossoming into snowdrops from the cold, hard earth.”

Writing from inside our heart and soul, exposing our life, our ups and downs, our thoughts and feelings, for the world to read if they so choose, is like becoming naked in front of strangers. It makes us vulnerable, and open to all sorts of crack pots who decide they don’t like us, or what we say, but also to loads of wonderful people, old friend, new friends, strangers, some we might one day meet, but most whom we’ll never meet, but who motivate us to keep writing.

The offering of critique, good and bad, is at first astoundingly confronting and very often painful… why don’t they like us?? But this criticism is not usually meant to be hurtful, rather just someone else’s way of viewing things, or another opinion, different to ours.  The first time I read out a poem in my poetry class at university, I was terrified, almost beyond finding my own voice inside my own head! Then I began to love it, it seemed, the more we listened to others, the better our own writing became, and the more we critiqued others, the better our own writing became.

These days, I am not really cut out for really vigorous and robust discussions, unless I have a week or two to think about things before I respond. I now have to get over the hurdle of living inside the dictionary to work out what is meant, and then can’t always understand something. It is frustrating, and robs me of a lot of mental and emotional energy, and time. Buckets of time, which I don’t have spare, and for what, a discussion I may not remember, or if I do come back to, will have to go back to the bloody dictionary all over again!

And yet, the idea of being challenged is very enticing, and I do revel in it most of the time, unless I ‘feel’ it is a personal attack for some reason; the word feel is the key word here, as it likely to be based on feelings, not necessarily rational thinking anymore. I try to write from the dark places, and the light places, and decided some time ago that not to write is no longer an option. Whether my words turn into blossoming buds or not, is no longer of concern to me; the matter of writing is what’s become most important. Writing keeps the sunshine in my soul…


10 thoughts on “Writing keeps the sunshine in my soul

  1. A powerful and thoughtful blog. As a writer what you said had great resonance for me. I stopped writing after my dad died in November and I am just coming back to it. Your blog has given me the courage to continue to do so – I need to write – for my soul! Jeanne


  2. And your writing gives me connection to someone else with whom I can relate. It’s therapeutic for me and for many of your readers. So to you from all of us!


  3. I think, Kate, we both share a love for writing as well as the healing it brings. We were lucky to have found it and enjoyed it. Many don’t. Please keep your wonderful inspirational words coming. I may not write a comment every time, but I stop by almost everyday. You are greatly appreciated. Write on ! VK xxoo


  4. Wow! This is one powerful blog Kate with beautiful words and thoughts. I have subscribed to Claire’s free E-book and read some of her writings – she is very inspiring and I look forward to reading more. I understand well the power and strength gained from writing, something I have done privately ( and sometimes not so privately) for many years. I am now writing with someone else’s voice as a biographer for people living in residential aged care. I have only just started with my first ‘client’ and finding it an amazing experience. I know too she is finding the telling of her story important, and I think therapeutic as she reflects on the journey of her life for maybe, validation, for meaning, for understanding and for generations to come.


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