See the person, not the dementia

See the person not the dementiaIt is a year for dreaming

A time when we can feel

Real change in the air

Many moments of unrest

And disillusion

Interspersed with excitement

Dreams turned into a reality

The Dementia Experts

Speaking out for themselves and for

Other people with dementia

T-shirts for supporters

Asking them to

See the person, not the dementia

Not so subtle suggestions

Words of encouragement

As we walk together

United as one

Dementia Alliance International

Members and supporters

Ps. Don’t forget most Saturdays I post a recipe here

3 thoughts on “See the person, not the dementia

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  2. Great that you are home safe and sound Kate. Thank you for your blogs from the U.S. , your ups and downs struck many cords with me. It does sound that despite those downs and the hard work you put into paddling that the trip was successful with some good outcomes. Well done, you are an amazing ambassador – for our country and for people living with a diagnosis of dementia. Are those Tee shirts you are showing available to purchase? The biography is going well, with my ‘client’ getting much satisfaction from recalling and talking about her very long and interesting life – it is going to be a gift for her family that I hope will be treasured.


    • Great to hear from you ahgain too Wendy, and of your work as a volunteer biographer for people with dementia.
      I wonder, would you send in an Abstract to the ADI conference in Perth next yeaqr about it, for us to consider, as I htink it is very important work, and not being done in many places? Fingers crossed… x


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