Where to start…

vanuatu 2Well, hello there, long time no chat!!! Last night we arrived back in Australia from six nights in Port Vila (Vanuatu), and as this image suggests, most of the time it was overcast, and also, raining. It is tropical, so warm as well, and luckily for the bride to be, the rain, wind and clouds disappeared on her wedding day! I have had an enforced rest from my almost-daily blogging as although my phone received some text messages, the security codes needed from WordPress to login would not come through, hence I could not get into my blog at all. Of course, at 3am this morning, I remembered I have a word document somewhere with extra login codes for just such occasions, but alas, it was too late! Anyway, I received numerous texts, tweets, Facebook messages and emails to say my blog had been missed, which is always great encouragement for me to get back to it.

The wedding was an emotional time for us all, as the bride was missing her grandparents, who have all passed away, and they were almost proxy parents to her as she grew up without much contact with her biological father. This also meant my dear husband was asked to give her away, which was a bog deal for him. and which he took very seriously, researching speech protocols and other such things. As we only have sons, it was also a thrill, as not only an unexpected invitation, with only sons, it is something that had never crossed his mind. Apart from the grooms immediate family, and the brides mother, stepdad and brothers and sister, most of the wedding guests were friends of the bride and groom, a lovely group of young ones (25-30ish year olds) and it is always a privilege to be included in the activities of young people. For us, without Peter’s parents, it was also very emotional, and we constantly felt their presence, or talked about how much they would have loved to be there. 

There were lots of funny stories that will eventually be told about this time away, most of them have the potential to become the family ‘stories’ that get passed down to each generation! The last one was me having booking our accommodation on the wrong night for landing back in Sydney! Luckily, and for a change, I had booked a room that could be changed without us being charged for it… phew! So, I am back, blogging, and trying to get my head around the things we know have changed since our last recent trip away, due to the symptoms of dementia. I will attempt to write about these things in the next few days, as for me, if I don’t write them down very soon, they’ll end up in some far away dementia wonderland! I have got lots of notes, as well as my BUB (Back Up Brain), so I am sure if I need some prompting, he won’t let me down. Today’s blog is short, but hopefully the return of my almost-daily blogging… I am glad to back!

12 thoughts on “Where to start…

  1. Glad all went well Kate and you got some time off to engage with life without technology! We are all so dependent on it. We forget the simplicities life has to offer us. Glad to have you back and I hope all is well with you. Stay in the light my friend….Love and hugs to you…VK


    • It’s lovely to be back, and it was probably good for me to be off the air! Even ekmails were tricky, I could receive, but not send for some weird reason… always in the back of my mind are two words from one of my sons re this… ‘user error’ !! He always gives me alaugh.. love aqnd hugs to you too xox


  2. I’m glad you’re back …. I missed you and didn’t remember you were gone because of the wedding ……. I was getting worried thinking that you were sick or something!!

    I’m so happy that you had a great time and the wedding went well ….. and especially happy that there were some moments that will be spoken about in years to come by people there …….. those are so lovely 🙂 🙂

    I used to live and work in Vanuatu – Port Vila – back in the 90’s, for 4+ years ……. but of course I don’t remember any of it 😦

    Look forward to hearing more about your time away, and maybe a pic or three? 😉 😉


    • Thanks for thinking of me and wow, living in Vanuatu for 4 years. I hope your photos help you recall some of those memories, but understand they just may not… and yes, a few pictures coming soon. xox


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