Seriously serious about blogging…

seriously seriousWell, it is time again for Tuesday humour, which I’ve forgotten about lately, or not been able to blog like last week. This Tuesday, the joke is on me… A few days ago I was telling my dear husband how many blogs I had published since starting, and he said,

“When you get to 1000, you are considered a serious blogger”.

Well, I did think it was a bit odd he would have known something like that as he is definitely NOT into blogging, but on the other hand I became quite excited inside. I am so close to 1000 blogs now, and at 990 yesterday, excitedly said ‘Wow, only 10 to go until I’m a serious blogger’!

He laughed, and said, ‘don’t you remember I told you I was joking…’ So I’m up to 991 blogs and counting, and suspect I am seriously serious about blogging.


14 thoughts on “Seriously serious about blogging…

  1. Wow!!!!!!!! That’s a huge milestone!!!

    I have a suggestion …….. on your 1,000th post, why don’t you put up a photo of you smiling broadly (and maybe with your BUB) and with a glass of water or whatever and looking like you’re celebrating!!!


  2. Great blog Kate. I hadn’t seen it which is why I hadn’t RT’d it. Now rectified! It does take more words to get round the word “sufferer” & whenever I’m worried about using more words in a piece I simply think of you and Chris and the 2 Kens et al & just keep tapping out those extra letters. After all, they don’t hurt anyone. Onwards and upwards! 🙂


  3. Thank you Kate for your blog. I too am a newbie who discovered you by attending the Mooc understanding dementia.
    Your interview in the course was tremendously inspiring and motivated me to start a grassroot dementia movement in my community.
    I can’t wait to read 1000+ more posts from you 🙂
    Greetings from Italy!


  4. Well done and love the t-shirt. I’m a newbie to your blog having just found you through (Understanding Dementia MOOC) and I am getting a lot out of reading your blog. Thanks for all including the humour.


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