Homework funnies







I like discovering homework funnies for the occasional Tuesday, mostly because they remind me of our two boys when they were at school. I’m studying at the moment, although it is very hard going and I am well behind on end of semester work. In teenager style, I have blamed someone else for this. In fact, the person I blame is my delightful Croc-wearing neurophysiotherapist, who is also a senior lecturer. He told me to have time off from uni work when we went overseas a few few ago; he said he would tell his students to do the same, and that I should just ask for extensions. So, I did all he advised (after all, he is my study mentor – I’m his parenting mentor!!) and now I am so far behind… So obviously, it is 100% HIS fault!!!! Our eldest son asked my DH on Sunday did he remember how he and our other son always left homework until the very last-minute… child at 8pm Sunday night “we have to get this assignment done, can you help please?”… parent – “when is it due” – child – “tomorrow morning!!!!” Such is life, and although I’m almost 56 years old, nothing has changed! I am sure every teacher throughout the whole world, has heard every possible excuse, including now, “my physio told me to!”

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