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The latest blog from Dementia Alliance International, one of our founders and Board members sharing part of her story. The second DAI newsletter is downloadable here DAI Newsletter 02_The Advocate_2014

How would you feel if you encountered this?

By Dena Dotson

How would you feel if slowly but very steadily, you were having more and more trouble communicating? There is a slow persistent panic that is always with you. When people talk, they talk around you. They do this maybe because of the distant look in your eye. I know I’m not going to remember so what’s the point? How about wanting to get out of bed in the morning, but for several reasons you can’t. One of the main reasons being that there is just too much waiting for you. People, things that need to be taken care of, phone calls that should be made. But as I lie there it’s just too much, too overwhelming.

Life was going along… In one doctor visit your whole world as you knew it is over. The unending pressure of planning for the end. That’s what they throw at you.Read more of Dena’s story here…

2 thoughts on “Dementia Alliance International Blog by Dena Dotson

  1. Dear Dena Dotson……A drug I accidently “found” has HALTED this disease for me, for the last 4 years….I have Younger Onset Dementia, most likely the Alzheimers kind…….
    …..please check……cymalta and tonys story……..over 100 million hits worldwide…..with Kind Regards..
    …………………Tony Hogben, Bribie Island, Queensland….


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