This is our future in Medicine!

Today is a short blog, referring you to a video interview by Dr Nancy Snyderman of one of the world’s top physicians Dr Eric Topol, by the Rock Centre. He says the key to better medicine is the Smartphone. Apologies I have not been able to embed this video, but please do follow the link below, as it is a very interesting insight into the future of medicine, and the use of Apps to do all sorts of tests through your phone, not only costing patients and society far less than traditional tests such as ECG’s, but less invasive and simpler. If there are any researchers or medicos out there who can tell me this is SPAM or not valid, please do let us know, but it certainly sounds legitimate to me.


9 thoughts on “This is our future in Medicine!

  1. I can’t comment on all of the apps he demonstrates, but re the ECG one I had that (or something very similar) tested on me at a conference I spoke at earlier this year – See for details of the product. Re MMSE, I’ve been shown an iPad App that promises to be more reliable than MMSE – It’s currently in use in some GP’s practices in the UK…

    That said, I don’t think technology is the answer to everything, as I recently wrote about for the UK Nursing Times. Elements of care, compassion, dignity and respect can only be delivered by human beings with those qualities.

    Keep up the fab blogging and signposting Kate xx


    • Thanks Beth. I completely agree with you, there are only so many aspects of health care that can be delivered via a test or an app. As you rightly say, compassion, dignity and respect can only be delivered by human beings with those qualities. xx


  2. I’ll check it out later, but I’ll tell you right off, Nancy is BIG PHARMA all the way, always promoting all of us to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate! She may be a good doctor, but a big pharma doctor…I guess I am very biased as I only do alternative medicine…Big Pharma is killing everyone….Have a great weekend my friend. Hope this finds you well….Much love….VK


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