First times…

“First times” are hard work, especially when you are young or if you have low self esteem. Depending on the type of dementia a person has, as it progresses many daily activities become first time. Robyn Moore taught me about the joy of “first times” for people with dementia, and every time her mother who had advanced dementia asked if she had any daughters, eventually Robyn would remind her mother she did, and her mother would get really excited as if she had met her for the very first time. I’ve met Robyn a number of times, and always find listening to her, and spending a few minutes with her uplifting and highly motivational. Enjoy her promo clip on YouTube. It feels a bit like a first time for me today for various reasons, hence re-connecting with Robyn here! Enjoy…

9 thoughts on “First times…

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  2. Hi Kate, I am an aged care nurse in Armidale NSW, I want to share with you a country music song I saw the film clip for yesterday – for the first time. It is beautiful and raises awareness. “Raymond” – Brett Eldridge.


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