DAI activities during Dementia Awareness Month

DAI Mast#35DC0CDementia Alliance International is running a series of Master Classes and nother online free events throughout Dementia Awareness Month, specifically for people with dementia, by people with dementia. Whilst others may attend, the focus is on teaching others to live well with dementia. I hope you will join us in this new and exciting time for people with dementia.

Whilst some are more suitable for a USA and UK audience, we are repeating the Webinar at a suitable day time for those of us in Australia. You will also be able to access them all online after the events. Just go to the DAI website and search for the one you want. May this next Dementia Awareness Month truly be the time when it becomes – in reality – “nothing about us without us”.

Master Classes: learning to live well with dementia

During September 2014, DAI is offering the following Master Classes for people living with dementia, taught by people with dementia. The focus of the Master Classes is on learning to live well with dementia.

Master Classes are offered over the Internet using video conferencing, and can be attended from your home, office, or can be set up and shown to groups. They are free to attend (ticket purchases by donations are welcome):

The classes and dates are as follows. For class times, descriptions and to register, click on the link provided after the class title. Australians, add a day to the following dates.

Café le Brain

  • September 16: Guest host is Teresa Zawicki


TOPIC: Dispelling the Myths of Dementia

Everyone knows about dementia, but few understand it. In this webinar we will talk about the popular myths of dementia, the research into dementia as it stands now regarding causes and prevention, the different types of dementia, and about the positive things that are happening regarding living well with dementia. Participants will be able to ask questions of the panel, which will be comprised entirely of people with dementia.


  •  Northern Hemisphere: Tuesday, September 23 – 10 am, PT, 12 noon CT, 1 pm ET, 6 pm UK
  • Southern Hemisphere: Friday, 26 September – 11am (Adelaide time) – to be confirmed.

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