Day 6: DAM – Imagine life without words

Imagine life without words – it could happen to you – Aphasia

Published on Sep 1, 2014 by Understanding Aphasia

Aphasia is a complex condition which varies in every individual. Some have difficulty understanding speech, some find it hard to talk, while others have difficulty reading and writing. In cases of severe aphasia all these four modes of communicating can be significantly affected.

Millions of people suffer from aphasia around the world, largely due to a 30% prevalence in stroke survivors. How much do we really understand the impact on people’s lives? What can we do to improve the quality of life for people with aphasia? It’s time that this population has a voice. It starts with awareness, breaking down misconceptions. It needs to conclude with a challenge of how we can better support people with aphasia, so they can feel connected and integrated into their communities.

The video comes in a short and extended version. We invite you to use either video as a tool to educate others, particularly in the health sector, where our care can only be enhanced by good communication.

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Aphasia: FIND the opportunity, MAKE the difference

8 thoughts on “Day 6: DAM – Imagine life without words

  1. Hi Kate. That video was one of the most moving pieces I have seen for a long time – I could just feel the frustration that everyone was feeling. It should be mandatory watching for everyone who is working in any sort of caring capacity – Aged Care, Community and Home Care and Acute Care, as they all will come across this, or a version of this at some stage in their working lives. It should also be on the curriculum for nursing and medical students – it makes such an impression that I am sure the message will remain with them. Busy month for us all! Look after yourself.


  2. Pretty cool what a bit of thought, action and caring can do to change someone’s life of struggle…It really does all begin with awareness! If people don’t know what someone else is is going through how can they help them? Thanks for sharing Kate….Happy weekend…..Blessings and love…VK


  3. I’m constantly amazed at the way that you use your energy to educate and explain. It’s this attitude that changes the world for the better. I am very, very proud to be your husband. xxxxxxxx


    • Agree completely! I had to wear double eye patches for 10 days after an accident in 1981, and decided after having no sight then, it wouldn’t be so bad… but the fear of losing all of my words is seriously terrifying…


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