Remembering Star

imageToday I am not writing at all about dementia, because it is the first anniversary since my beautiful Russian Blue Cat Star died of cancer. It is still difficult to accept she is not here, and although Boris has definitely stepped up to the plate in terms of affection and love, and his devotion to us, he is a different cat. I’ve heard people say after the loss of a baby or child, it’s ok, you can have another one… but it will never be the one you have loved and lost.

Boris only recovered from his grief at losing her about two months ago; I had no idea cats would grieve at all, nor for so long. He had been with her since he was 12 weeks old, and they had played together daily. After she died, he stopped playing, and has only been playing again recently, usually at 3am with a piece of paper or receipt he steals from the desk! Interestingly, he has taken on some of her personality, and is far more affectionate than he used to be. He is definitely just a little more spoilt now!

Continue to RIP my beautiful Star, I still miss you.

19 thoughts on “Remembering Star

  1. Thinking of you lovely Kate. It will be 3 years this November since our beautiful 17.5 yr old cat Susie closed her eyes for the last time – she was a wonderful companion, so affectionate, helped me & my mum through many sad times. Glad Boris is keeping you company and finally getting his mojo back xx


  2. Kate, thinking of you… I will light a candle and look out into the dark night’s sky and think of sky tonight shining bright like a star. A star for a Star.


  3. Oh Kate, how sad. I have Bert, my mad cockapoo. Never a dog person but coerced into getting one by my daughter, I now absolutely love him. He never answers me back and shows complete and unconditional love (if there’s a treat in it for him). xxoo PS Bert has his own Twitter account @DownDogBert #madfamily


  4. it is funny isn’t it we have these ‘pets’ that come into our lives and when they go we are told ‘get over it get another one’ they are like children they are not replaceable. I am dreading the day I say good-bye to Pete (not your DH) but my 16 yr old Golden retriever. I loved Boris and he was a beautiful cat, you are allowed to miss him xxxx


  5. Blessings for your journey through this time. When we list our dear baby boy Russian blue to kidney failure, we were devastated, but our other blue boy Tailz who was a bit shy and not at all a lap cat like


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