Dementia haikus

Day 28: Dementia Awareness Month 2014

Koalas for Emilia

Our dreams are stolen

By the world of dementia

One by one they go


With losses so great

So many hidden from you

We must cry alone


So small yet so sad

Tragic incremental deaths

Of all our functions


One day they are there

The next day they start to fade

Disappearing dreams

6 thoughts on “Dementia haikus

    • No idea Alison… but I do believe we need to be balanced in talking about it. For example, when some of us talk about living well, we are told we are living in denial, or we are lucky. Of course, there are daily ups and downs of living with dementia, and it is worth sharing them all if we are going to share them at all… IMHO only of course! x

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