My teenage sons made me do it!

It seems my day for humour is back, although not on a Tuesday, at least for now. I’ve been less than focused this year on publishing a daily blog, although did make a run for it during Dementia Awareness Month 2014, missing, only one day. I really miss the process of writing every day, although do find it quite difficult to find the time. Hence, when I am not capable of anything productive for either university or my new job, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for blogs, or work on completing some in my very large drafts folder.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

This might not seem that funny to you, but it gave me quite a giggle. It reminds me of my sons when they were younger, especially the eldest one, and the young men and women at uni when I first started going in 2004. Once, in a Surf shop in the city, it was simply too much for me and as two young men passed me by, I ‘accidentally’ pulled his jeans, which took barely a tug fo them to fall down. Of course, they were not at all happy with me, but I laughed all the way home.

Perhaps being a parent of two teenage boys made me do it?????

If only I had thought to purchase them some undies made of denim!!! Funnily enough, I only recently started wearing hipster jeans (mid, not low!), and now find waisted jeans, which are back in fashion, highly uncomfortable. Hopefully my sons will not read this and find me out!

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