Plagiarism or not?

plagiarism1Since social media has taken over most of the world, the issue of plagiarism has become a big one. When I first started blogging, I didn’t think about the consequences, good or bad, of being in a public space. I regularly see words I have used being #hashtagged and used on twitter by others as if their own, and although I once found it annoying, the reality is most likely that almost nothing is really ours. We have usually heard it or read it somewhere, or some version of it, and in reality there is probably very little that is truly unique to one person.

Some words or phrases are unique to a region or continent, or a particular sector, and terms like #woopdedoodle are often unique to an individual. I am not sure if woopdedoodle is unique to me, but I do use it quite often, and introduced in onto twitter a few months ago. And I may not have been the first to introduce it there either… but it is now being used all over the place. It is a fun ‘word’, so why not. It’s definitely seeing the world and having a good time! And it is not even a real word.

If an individual uses a particular word or phrase a lot, others around them will probably start to use it too, but that is not the same as someone copying and pasting your work from a book or article and then writing it up if it is their own work. It is simply that, the sharing of words and terms.

I guess the issue is whether we are being plagiarised or not, and in most cases, I suspect not, as there is very little information and very few words ‘out there’ we have not learnt, heard or read from someone, something or somewhere else.

Writing my personal thoughts and feelings about living with dementia here, online for anyone to see is far more of an issue than someone using a fun word you have shared, and is why I joined a free Copyright service recently. I was alerted to it via an online friend’s blog. Thank you Vanessa… one day, I hope to get to France again and actually meet you!

Living with a diagnosis of dementia has meant I often feel like I have plagiarised myself, as I go back and read things I ‘know I wrote’ but cannot remember writing, and it is a weird phenomenon feeling as if I have plagiarised myself. Better than plagiarising someone else I guess!!! So #woopdedoodle to blogging, and to the sharing of our worlds and words! I’ve been trying hard to write and publish a blog again every day; a I’ve missed it and it feels really good to be back, regardless of if I plagiarise myself, or someone else does!

Sending you all a huge #KoalaHug and a big bucket load of love…

You are very welcome to respectfully join this global conversation.

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