The joy of twins…

twin pranklIn an effort to get back to some humour on a Tuesday, I am adding this cartoon, sourced via Google Images. I was in a relationship with a twin, and they used to talk of jokes like this. When they were young men, and wanted to end a relationship, apparently they would do it for each other! One was good a swimming at school, and the other good at sprints, so they used to also fill in for each other. No-one knew any different, and even as adults dressed in individual clothes, it took me three years to tell them apart when they were together.

I’ve heard many humourous twin stories, and would you love you to share yours. One older girlfriend, also a twin, regularly had people speaking to her sister in public, making jokes about things. Once, when her sister was in a bank, one of her Church friends yelled out to the teller,”Don’t trust this woman, she is a thief!”… and Heather’s startled twin sister eventually went up to him, saying, “I think you have me confused with my twin sister!” The chap went very quiet… and it has been a terrific tale to tell for all of her friends for many years since.

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