Blurred lines in dementia policy

This short presentation Blurred lines in English policy,  published on Dec 24, 2013 on YouTube, by Dr Shibley Rahman, dementia academic in London is thought provoking and definitely worth watching. Make up your own mind, but do take notice of the messages…

There are some blurred’ lines in who exactly is driving English dementia policy, which we could do will clarifying in 2014.

8 thoughts on “Blurred lines in dementia policy

  1. And the music! If music is required perhaps a quiet instrumental piece would work but please not the voices and rock music. OMG, I think I am showing my age!


  2. I do sincerely apologise in advance that this video is not at all disabled-friendly.

    The video goes at a horrifically fast pace. I did too many slides and had trouble fitting them all in.

    I need to produce the video again at a much slower pace so that viewers can read the text without any anxiety!

    Am genuinely very sorry.


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