tgifWhen I was nursing in operating theatres in the late 70’s, TGIF was a common saying, to the point I embroidered it onto some mens ties to give people for Christmas one year!

I’m on my way to Canberra for the day, partly for work, and partly for my first ‘work’ Christmas event for many years. Hence the dancing dog…

I intend to enjoy it!

It has been a case of ‘What a week’, and I even finished the last of my Master’s of Science (Dementia Care) assignments. Woo hoo… assuming I pass, I graduate on 16 December!

And for me, today, that’s it!

24 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I thought that you’d stopped the study ….. I must have been wrong!!

    And you did ALL your advocacy work and STILL FOUND TIME TO STUDY??!! Wow … you’re amazing!!!

    I hope that you’re going to take a well-deserved break from everything soon !!


  2. congratulations dear one, im sure you will pass with flying colours. love you xxxxxx. do you know before hand when you pass, and then have graduation party on 16th?? xxxxxxx


  3. Have a great trip and a great day Kate. All the best with the final assignment – I’m sure that Dec 16 will be a red letter day for you.


  4. Well done on your Masters Kate, great achievement, my daughter is doing her masters in education and I know how much work is involved. Enjoy your achievement and your party. xx


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