Watch out Big Pharma…

Thanks to Beth Britton @bethyb1886 for referring me to this article UCLA study: Non-drug treatment may reverse Alzheimer’s.

More than any other research article I have read, this confirms the value – and importance – of the regime of non pharmacological and positive psychosocial interventions I have been undertaking, many of them more than once daily, for over four years. Watch out Big Pharma… there is more research like this on the way!!!

big pharma






By Denise Dador, ABC7 News LOS ANGELES, Saturday, October 04, 2014

Alzheimer’s disease was officially recognized a hundred years ago, but there’s still no effective treatment for it. Now researchers at UCLA say they’ve developed a program that shows for the first time memory loss being reversed.

It’s not a drug; it’s not a procedure; it is a novel, comprehensive and personal approach to treating memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s. UCLA researchers spell out exactly what can be done to reverse what the disease does to the brain.

In the report provided by UCLA, Dr. Dale E. Bredesen explains how Alzheimer’s is a complex disease affected by sleep, diet, even exercise.

“These all — and other things — all contribute to this critical balance in plasticity,” said Bredesen.

Ten memory-loss patients, some with brain-scan-confirmed patterns of Alzheimer’s, participated in a small UCLA trial called MEND (Metabolic Enhancement for NeuroDegeneration).

In the UCLA protocol, patients made dramatic lifestyle changes. They avoided simple carbs, gluten and processed foods. They increased their fish intake, took yoga and meditated. They were instructed to take melatonin, get adequate sleep, incorporate vitamin B-12, vitamin D-3 and fish oil.

Within six months, nine patients saw a noticeable improvement in memory. One patient, who was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, did not show improvement.

UCLA researchers say the findings suggest at least early on, changing a person’s metabolic processes can bring back memory and cognitive function.

Six of the patients of the patients in the study who had to discontinue working were all able to return to their jobs. Study authors say some patients were followed up to two and a half years and the memory improvements remained.

Plans are underway to do larger studies on this therapeutic program.

For more information on the study: Reversal of cognitive decline: A novel therapeutic program

17 thoughts on “Watch out Big Pharma…

  1. I found about your blog through the MOOC course on Dementia that I am taking, and I am so glad they interviewed you! My husband, Jack, and I are approaching his cognitive issues in a similar way with the vitamins and supplements, including coconut oil and Acetyl L Carnitine. He also goes to a memory class two days a week, walks on the beach regularly, and we have eliminated gluten and most processed foods from our diet. He is doing very well, and we are definitely believers in our treatment plan and are sticking to it, as well as staying open to whatever else may add to this multi-dimensional approach.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog and it is so great to meet someone else who is out there getting creative in dealing with this!


    • Well done on doing the MOOC, and for implementing lifestyle and other changes to ‘fight’ the deterioration of dementia… it has definitely worked for me, and no, they may not be a cure, but they delayed progression, and sure have improved my quality of life! Who needs to wait for research to simply give that a go?? 🙂 x


      • I have seen the post on Facebook recently of “Don’t let the people who say it can’t be done get in the way of the people who are doing it.” (-; I have actually seen changes in my husband’s sharpness and personality within a few days of starting on 1)B-12 2) coconut oil from Cognate Nutritionals 3) D-3, and 4) Acetyl L Carnitine. I was as surprised as anybody to see the changes and him say that he feels better, too, but it has made a believer out of me! So nice to meet you, Kate.


      • Keep on believing too… Dr Bruce Lipton has written a book of his research into the power of BELIEF called the Biology of Belief, where he has clinically proven you can change your cells through belief! ohw cool is that, then we add in some other health factors, and we have an even better chance of improving our health! xx


  2. My mother and I found during her cancer treatments some of the most valuable insights and information were to be found in the doctor’s waiting room and in the chemo rooms from other individuals with cancer and their families. While the information may have been anecdotal, the sources were in the midst of a journey similar to our own. In sharing the various methods they used to mitigate the side effects of their treatments and maintain the best quality of life possible, as a group we all benefited. The sharing here is immensely positive!


  3. This makes so much sense. Our diets often aren’t right and with all the chemical pollutions we are taking in we need to get our immune system up and running better. Sleep aponea is a big issue from my point of view as well. Along with keeping stress out…ha! ha! But I’m getting there.


  4. wow! I shouldn’t overreact, but I’m almost speechless. It’s Hope, right at the bottom of Pandora’s box, under all the tests and medications! Fingers and toes crossed for all of us!


    • Yes, now the disbelievers of ALL the anecdotal evidence out there might even start to believe in healthy l;ifestyle and healthy diet for dementia… there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all!


  5. Well!! Well!! I am not at all surprised! Hippocrates identified more than 2,000 years ago that food should be our medicine!! And more and more the research is identifying that staying away from ALL processed foods as well as gluten will result in significant improvements to health. Of course this is not at all what the food manufacturers or Big Pharma want to hear or even acknowledge for the simple reason that fresh unadultered food means that they are not making money out of us!!!! You are living proof that the interventions you have adopted have made a difference to you. The trouble is the majority of the population do not question whether or not something that comes out of a packet or box or bottle is ‘real food’ and have the misguided belief that the food manufacturers have our best interests at heart!!! No way. And the National Heart Foundation and Diabetes Association are two organisations that are promoting unhealthy food choices. What chance does ‘The Average Joe’ have?


  6. I agree totally – I have also seen a reverse in cognitive decline just by enabling people living with dementia to live their life as they know it without drug interventions, which seem to do little else but destroy quality of life.

    Stimulation, positive mood that is maintained by individualized psycho social and emotional needs being met, physical activity to keep those endorphins pumping and other interventions that are more about the specific needs of each person, have all already proven to enhance lifestyle, reverse the destructive effect of depression, and allow people living with dementia to blossom and not deteriorate. It makes sense and it truly is the sensible and realistic way to continue living life as that person knows it.

    If it works why change it?? Maybe just adjust it as required for that specific person in regards to their abilities and coping mechanisms.

    Coconut oil is another additional theory out there as well as tumeric and foods high in B12.

    Cheers and smiles.



    • Thanks Leah… it is good to see some people out there actively promoting living well. and as far as things like turmeric or other supplements, I take a number of them, but don’t actively promote them here as the ‘evidence’ is still not strong. However, healthy food, healthy lifestyle is the key to managing most diseases,so why not dementia!? x


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