Filling the liquid soap container…

foam-soap-pump-step-1One of my special friends Robyn Verrall who used to be a nurse as well as a brilliant medical rep, and now lives on a farm near Keith in South Australia often starts a sentence in a blog or a Facebook post or tweet like this… “It started like this… ” then tells the (mostly) humorous side of an argument, debate or heated discussion she has had with her DH …

As my regular blog readers will know, I have been particularly busy this year, and on top of that, many times now the symptoms of dementia have seemed to ensure I am a lot less efficient than I used to be. My office, without fail, almost always looks like someone has burgled it, papers, books, piles of ‘stuff’ all over every single surface (again/still)…

It is actually quite difficult for me to believe I was almost OCD about being neat and clean; I even leave dishes on my sink, and once upon a time, I used to have the honour of having been known as “The Shiny Sink Academy”!

This week, my DH, after 20 years of us knowing each other, 16 of them very happily married, finally filled the liquid soap bottle in the upstairs bathroom before me. I was surprised…shocked… astounded…. mouth agape… but I definitely noticed! When we discussed it, his mildly pathetic defence was this…  “I married the most efficient person in the world so this was actually my first chance of doing it.”

Extraordinary, I didn’t even leave him instructions on how to do it…


12 thoughts on “Filling the liquid soap container…

  1. While I know from being in your presence for some time now, that the big D really takes it’s toll on your life, I must also add this thought as well so don’t take on all the blame my friend. Many are so distracted from their lives right now, over burdened by worry and anxiety from a world in free fall. Life is quietly overwhelming for many, what used to be easy is now so difficult, our minds exhausted from the continual assault from the dark ones. The chaos they have created in everyone’s lives is reprehensible. Lord knows I even have trouble concentrating on a book from time to time and I LOVE to read. My mind can just not take in any more info…So while big D skirts around your life and gives you a shove from time to time, just know the world in general is forgetting their soap dishes….You are not alone! 🙂 Blessings and hugs…VK ❤


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