Merry Christmas

christmas group therapyMay your Christmas be full of happiness and peace, and hopefully special times with friends and family.

If you know of people who are alone or who are not in a position to have a good Christmas, think about how you can  make this time better for them… simple things like a hug, a meal, or a hand up in some way.

I am going to be offline from blogging, and possibly Twitter and Facebook now until the new year, but wanted to say to you all… those of you I know personally, and for those I only know online.. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Oh, and I do believe in myself, I’m not bi-polar, I don’t care if anyone calls me names, just don’t call me late for lunch, and I am not trapped in a dead-end job!

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Wishing you health and happiness for 2015 Kate. Like most people, at this time of year I do some soul searching and reflect on how the previous year has materialised. You top my list of inspirational people and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have heard you speak at that unfortunate seminar(!) Very Best Wishes Angie x


  2. I’m glad that you’re taking some time “off” – you definately deserve it!!

    Hope that you have a great time with your family over Christmas and that 2015 is a happy and healthy year for you Kate 🙂 🙂


  3. Kate – wishing you and yours a peaceful and blessed Christmas. You work tirelessly for the good of all who live with dementia. As a sister of my lovely Anne who lives with dementia your words help, inspire, educate, inform and make me smile! Thank you! 💝


  4. Kate you have given me and many others hope, inspiration – and some entertainment, over the last year. Your enthusiasm for a quality of life for yourself and others is evident and contagious – thank you. I wish you, your family and friends a joyous Festive Season and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.


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