Where Did I Go? Well, I am still here…

Film, television and all things media is one of the strongest ways to get the word spread about an issue or an idea. Trending things on Twitter can vary from a celebrity to a new craze. This shows everyone’s talking about it, right? So why not have a trend that provokes awareness, understanding and community? Never mind which celebrity partnership has broken up, lets trend the things that matter; the health and well-being of people.

It has become apparent in the recent years that dementia has become a growing issue for people. Many feel that it is just a disease for the older generation.


With the youngest recorded diagnosis now well below the age of thirty, it really can affect anyone at almost any point in their lives. Dementia needs understanding, knowledge and care surrounding it. Many do not understand and, therefore, become complacent about the condition. When they do come into contact with it, many simply do not know how to deal with it.

With massive cuts to Health Care in recent years, the money is just not there to be spent on Dementia care provision or awareness.

This needs to change. Now.

So what does Dementia have to do with all things media, or even social networks or platforms such as Twitter and Kickstarter?

With 44 million people currently living with the condition, and that figure estimated to rise to 135 million, by 2050, it is a cause for concern.

Many talk about the person in their life with dementia as if they are ’empty shells’ or asking ‘Where Did they Go?’.

Well, even in the later stages of dementia, we are all still here. We are just changing in ways that people without dementia are not.


Living with dementia is not, as you know if you are a regular reader here, all doom and gloom, and we need more films, YouTube clips, tweets and blogs in the media to express that very real FACT, and to show a balance of living with and beyond dementia.

We must break down the myths of dementia, especially the one that we cannot live with dementia, but it is only a pathwy to doom, gloom and death!


One thought on “Where Did I Go? Well, I am still here…

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