Cats, dogs… and unconditional love.

Star & BorisLiving as a cat in my house equates to a whole lot of love, and even more spoiling, and now I have a four pawed ‘grand-puppy’, there’s a lot of love happening there too. The owner of this lovely rescue dog is almost bemused when she gets excited to see me; who wouldn’t with all the spoiling she gets, the extra Liver Treats and cuddles, in fact no different to being a cat in our house! When I turned 50, my boys wrote, with love (?!), they sometimes wished they’d been cats when growing up as the life of our cats looked pretty good. I loved them a LOT, but definitely had a lot more boundaries for them than I do for the cat and Daisy the puppy!

A coupe of weeks ago I was sharing time with a girlfriend who like me has a difficult relationship with her mother and some family members, and who also has a very deep affection for animals, especially cats and dogs. I suggested perhaps we were like this was because the love we received from our pets as children was pure, and completely unconditional; no negatives, no always being told we were wrong. I know for a fact, the animals kept me sane when I was young, and often, were the only ones who showed me real love apart from aunts and grand parents.

That has not changed, and it is my husband and sons and my extended family friends where I find unconditional love and adult friendship. No ego states, no need to be right or wrong, just love and friendship, and respect for each others opinions and ideas.

My husband (BUB), and two sons, a couple of aunts, and a few very close friends are the bearers of unconditional love and acceptance… I feel truly blessed to have them in my life and I’m even happy to spoil you all as much as the cat!!!

8 thoughts on “Cats, dogs… and unconditional love.

  1. I inherited Mom’s cat Pia Roma when mom was placed in the care facility. Pia is a strange cat, but we’ve gotten used to each other, and now she spends most of her time sitting on the desk beside my computer as I write. I’m glad to have her around 🙂

    As I recently shared on someone else’s blog: “The universe blesses those who care for the creatures large and small who are gracious enough to allow us to share their planet. ❤


  2. I think we learned we could trust our animal friends in childhood when we couldn’t trust anybody else. The love they offer is immense and fills every need we seem to have. Wonderful they are 🙂 I can relate to what you say. There are cat beds and kitty houses all over my house for them to retreat to. It’s a cats world for sure…Enjoy your puppy…That is a whole new experience. Happy weekend…Hugs…VK ❤


  3. Well said Kate. Your immediate family, friends and pets are the most important people in your life. As I say about my family who don’t talk at all. That is their loss not mine. I have a sister lives 40 minutes away and the fat assed bitch does not contact me at all. Her snobby daughter lives over on the north side and does not ring or talk at all which I like. So I understand exactly how you are feeling. We don’t have any pets.
    Chat soon
    Mick and Sue Carmody


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