The challenge of having your own opinion

right or wrong

Sometimes we are wrong

Sometimes we don’t have all the facts

Sometimes we see things differently to others

Sometimes our personal life experiences can colour our judgement

Sometimes we say things meant in a general way and others take it personally

Sometimes we are right

But the reality is

It is only one persons opinion

Right for them

Sometimes set in stone but not always so

Sometimes able to see things another way with more information

And deeper discussions

And new insights

Respect for another way

Another view

Is the goal

This is my way

What is your way

There is no wrong way

7 thoughts on “The challenge of having your own opinion

    • Mick, it is aimed at anyone and everyone who thinks it is not a person’s right to have a different opinion, experience or view things differently, or who don’t like it if someone speaks out and they disagree with it.. sadly, there are millions of people around the world like this… If the hat fits, then some will take offence and wear it!


  1. Its all about perspective isn’t it Kate?

    And perspective is based on our inner selves, the experiences and life transitions we have had throughout our journey, and, often our gutt instinct.

    Listening to the opinions and perspective of others enables us to communicate more effectively, have insight into the variances in how we all break down information. Understanding where someone is coming from teaches us to respect others right to their own opinion, value and tolerance. We don’t have to agree but it does not mean they are wrong.

    Thank goodness we all think differently. Imagine how dull and boring our lives would be if we all thought the same.

    Keep smiling my friend.



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