Meeting more Imaginary friends… #ADI2015

UntitledI’m in Perth intending to attend the ADI 2015 conference in Perth, and have been able to meet a few more of my ‘imaginary’ friends! Yes, people I have met on Facebook or twitter, or through my blog, who are real people. Not axe murders, or imaginary. People like Shibley, and Chris, Jayne, and their daughter Kate, and Truthful Kindness, Mick Carmody, and their partners, and Gayle Harris, and so many others. Also I’ll be meeting people from universities and organisations, also met online mostly through my blog, and it will be extraordinary to be with a whole global group of people interested in dementia, and a pleasure to finally meet many of them. Of course, meeting up with other friends, like Helga from Munich, who I first met at ADI2012 in London, and Maxine from Melbourne who I first met at ADI2013 in Taipei who I usually only see online, will be wonderful as well. We are not only changing the world, we are rocking it!! Ps. The image is of me having a bit of fun with Shibley Rahman last night, who I first met in London in 2013, one of my original axe murdering imaginary friends! It is not a very clear shot, but hey, that is not really the point! Pss. for some reason today, I cannot get this blog to edit correctly, as it won’t allow me to have spaces between paragraphs… sorry!

18 thoughts on “Meeting more Imaginary friends… #ADI2015

  1. Great opportunity to follow up on your WHO Geneva call for access to UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. I’m there right now for a UN meeting on ways of moving forward lifelong education



  2. Hi Kate, I wish I was attending the ADI conference, I live in Perth 🙂 So many important, knowledgable people, there will be so much to learn I’m sure. Enjoy your friendships, relax & do what you do BEST !!! Sending you hugs & smiles xx


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