SBS Insight: Dancing with dementia

For those who want to see this, and missed it on Tuesday night, here is the recording of the SBS Insight program, Dancing with Dementia, featuring a number of Australians. It attempted to show the dark and lighter sides of dementia, which I feel was achieved. That challenge for us trying to live better with dementia, is to date, the media almost only ever focus on the tragic discourse, which can be disabling and disempowering, but also, misses the reality that there are many days or moments, when we do and can still laugh and have fun. Thanks SBS for helping to change the perceptions of dementia; we are not all dribbling down our soup, at least not yet!

You can read the full transcript of the program here.

23 thoughts on “SBS Insight: Dancing with dementia

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  2. Hi Kate
    I have never seen nearly a whole hour just about dementia. You usually get about a two minute slot on TV if you are lucky. It was great to see and hear from people living well with dementia perhaps now people will get the message.

    • Let’s hope so Lesley, in fact it is the only reason we agreed to be a part of it, as they promised they would show both sides of dementia, not just the narrative of tragedy! Not all about suffering, and I think, for the most part, they abided by the language guidelines… another plus! Take care xx

  3. I’ve just watched this programme and am very impressed with both the contributions by yourself and others. Naturally there were aspects of the dementia syndrome which weren’t covered but within the 60 minutes available the balance was just about right. I was particularly impressed with your husbands aversion to the use of the word carer as like him and yourself I’m very concerned about the way in which language is used in regard to those of us who have a dementia condition and those who support us be they our partners or the community at large. Educating the masses is so very important and my own concentration is more towards talking to them than to the community of which we are a part. That said the level of ignorance within those who should know better is extremely saddening.
    Keep up the good work.
    Peter – Living with a dementia for 15 years (UK) x

  4. Excellent program. Every attempt made at educating the public is a plus for those of us diagnosed. What we do now may be unheard of twenty years from now through our continued learning and insight. You and Peter did a wonderful job!

    • Thanks dear Jan… each step, each time we speak out, even it it only moves one person to support our disabilities to allow us to live better, then we will have achieved. xxx

  5. I have just watched this in preparation for teaching and will use segments of it to reinforce the areas discussed. As previously said, we are all aiming for the same community understanding and knowledge about the range of dementias wherever we live, and that everyone is different in how it affects them. Most important of all, the programme reiterated that living well with dementia is the aim.

    • It might not always be possible, and it might not look like living ‘well’ to people with our dementia, but we must be allowed and supported to live as well as possible, for as long as possible, in the same way people with other illness are encouraged to. I hope it helps your teaching…

  6. Finally managed to view this as I had work commitments in Sydney on Tuesday night! Great program – is there any way of determining how many people actually viewed this? I think it should be mandatory viewing for all health care providers and facilities specializing in Dementia Care. It wouldn’t hurt the likes of the ‘Joe Blogs’ to watch this either – but then I guess that’s a big ask! Still, a great forum to raise community awareness that a dementia diagnosis is not the ‘end of the world,’ And I LOVE that aged care facility. If only they were all like that! And FYI – John watched this at home on Tuesday night too. V x PS – you both looked fabulous as always!! xxxx

    • Thanks darling Valerie… nothing like 45 minutes in the Green Room (makeup room) to assist with the vanity factor!!! And yes, agree it should be viewed by all health care staff, so they stop writing us off! xox

  7. Saw the show and thought it was terrific! As to your comments above re the ‘play activities’ I am interested in seeing more about it, and look forward to the guest blog if it happens.

  8. Reblogged this on Forget-Me-Not and commented:
    This show was great – I felt mildly envious how fluently those with dementia were speaking, as it is the opposite to my situation, but I was happy for their “care” partners. It was a great show. It was lovely to see Kate and her BUB (husband, Peter, who is her “Back Up Brain”) looking so good. Every situation is different – that’s the difficulty of this disease and trying to find a cause and cure. It affects almost every single person in a different way, and of course we (the BUB’s or carers of those with dementia) have to try to find ways of coping with all the differences, regardless of the advice we may receive. It’s a hard road for everybody.

    I truly hope that one day a cure will be found.

    • Thanks Dom… me too re the cure, but in the meantime, I will keep speaking out for a better post diagnostic of care that supports more of us to live better for longer. Take care and big hugs to you both xox

  9. I enjoyed the show Kate, particularly your segment!! You come across as so confident and assured, and such a strong advocate for LIVING with dementia. well done to you and all the other participants! x

  10. Great to see you on Insight in Tuesday Kate. As usual you were clear and consise. Love your BUB – you are a great combination. While I did love and agree with the bulk of the program, I was uncertain and more than a little uncomfortable with the role play ‘activity’. Am happy to be told I am wrong, but I felt it a little demeaning and not something an ‘older’ person living in the community would put their hand up to be involved in. I am happy to be told my thinking is wrong and look forward to your response.

    • Hi Wendy… thanks for your support. I felt mildly uncomfortable with the play activities, but after more discussions following the show, think it could be something we need to explore far more. Playing, having fun, simply enjoyment, seems to be missing in action in dementia care. I will see if I can connect with that person to write a guest blog for me here. x

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