8 thoughts on “Now much happier about my own desk!!

      • Thanks. My “rounds” with OCD tidiness will probably continue until I can no longer lift the debris. When things begin to get out of hand it is actually a gift of peaceful interlude to ordering my life. For example, I just go to bed instead of making sure everything is put away! I have always been “tidy” but with Gregory’s needs, I found that by keeping things super organized his life was a bit easier and a bit more predictable for him. “A place for everything and everything in its place.” For me it allowed me to “control those things I can control since there are so many things in our life I cannot!” Not one to diminish Dementia/Alzheimers, but one to try to keep an ongoing positive attitude, there are many gifts that the disease brings with it. Since one cannot stem the tide at least one can try to see the sun shinning.


      • As I said, I respect and enjoy those interludes of being UNorganized and probably am giving into them more and more. The difference is that I choose to let go but for you the letting go might be an invisible gift. You can keep the positive thoughts through the tears. Yes let the DH do his job:-) That is why he is there for you!


      • Oh, and I do often think letting go has become a gift, especially around housework and tidiness, although cleanliness is still reasonably close to the top still!!!


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