Be especially kind to each other… today, and every day.

I received a message on Thursday from WordPress that I had published 1337 blogs… it is slightly odd to think I had written or published so many, in under four years, and today makes my 1339th global conversation! How did that happen?! Many of them, if I re-read them sound like my writing, but I can’t always remember writing them. I guess this blog really has become my memory bank, in the same way a written journal or diary was when I was a kid. What I think is interesting about blogging, is the global conversations that take place, and they end up becoming records of our social history at any given time, our politics, our countries policies on certain topics, and so on.

Anyway, what to write today, which for me is Saturday morning? I could think of nothing sweeter than a story from an ABC newspaper in Western Australia about a kangaroo that things it is a dog, so am sharing the link to it here. If you feel like a ‘feel good’ story, instead of the usual negative twaddle we have to read or listen to on the news, follow the link to the full story, Dusty the kangaroo is convinced he is a dog and loves life on the farm at Wittenoom Hills, near Esperance in Western Australia Occasionally, we need a break from dementia, from topics that are contentious, or even from each other, and reading the story about Dusty brought a little bit of joy to my heart, and I hope it will to yours as well.

Enjoy, smile, and be especially kind to each other… today, and every day.


14 thoughts on “Be especially kind to each other… today, and every day.

  1. Congratulations on your 1339th global conversation. What an amazing lady you are! Today’s story about “Dusty the Kangaroo” was lovely. We all need to have a ‘feel good’ story in our daily lives. Thank you Kate. xo


  2. Hi Kate,

    I’ve just completed a neuroplasticity course and one of the techniques used is to look for a feel good story each day. I think this fits the bill… thank you for this morning’s smile!!!!


  3. Hi Kate,
    Through your blog I discovered your humanity and dedication to making the world a little bit kinder.
    Your words do create meaning, life, and love.
    Thank you. Really.



  4. Congratulations on being so prolific! I especially like your take that they “records of our social history at any given time, our politics, our countries policies on certain topics, and so on.”


    • Thanks Michael. If you ever have nothing better to do, the conversations that continued daily for a whole year, on my In The Kitchen Page (on this blog, not the link there that takes you to my recipe blog) are a record of social history, based around the sharing of recipes! If you like food, I think you’ll enjoy that page too.


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