17 thoughts on “Women and dementia #DAM2015 Day 4

  1. What an amazing young man. I started volunteering in aged care in 2005. My working life had been in law. I eventually started volunteering with a Leisure and Lifestyle Officer. I was very naive where dementia was concerned but I started to see things which to me were not right. I completed my Certe IV in Leisure and Health in 2012. I wanted to understand more about dementia and what I could do to make a difference. Yes, a cliche but I could see that residents with a dementia diagnosis were not receiving the care I would expect to receive if I had had that diagnosis. I’m still on that journey. Thank you again Kate. Keep well and know that you are making a difference. Bron xo

  2. That video was very touching. It reminded me of my Caregiver days caring for my Mom with the same illness. The reality is diffucult to deal with, especially seeing the changes in a parent or close relative. Or a close friend for that matter. This video captured that essence.

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