Dementia Leader of the Year 2015

Very humbled and proud to be announced at the International Dementia Awards in Birmingham UK, as the Dementia Leader of the Year at the UK Dementia Congress 2015 conference. There have been loads of tweeps out there congratulating me, which is also how I found out; I have only posted three of them. Thank you to everyone for your congratulations, and support, and to whoever it was that nominated me.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.19.23 am

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.23.09 am








Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.19.39 am






ps I may be ok at talking dementia, but I am obviously rather rubbish at embedding tweets!!!! Hence I took some screen shots!!!

62 thoughts on “Dementia Leader of the Year 2015

  1. Congratulations wonderful Kate – we are all forever in your debt fort you invaluable insight, your generosity of spirit and your sparkling soul. May you continue to be the role model we all look up to.
    Love your work.


  2. What an inspiration you are.My husband has Alzheimer’s and his only friends are his two aged dogs of 14 and 13 years old. He is able to work them both to local shops for his newspaper and back home. He can no longer read, write or follow some programs on the TV .we go singing every week which gives us both a lift. Thank you for blogs which I read with interest every day, Christine


    • Thanks Christine… perhaps your husband would like to join one of our online support groups – have a look here – you would just need to link him up on a computer, or even his phone or an iPad? We welcome new members, and find they usually are very nervous to start with, and by the end of their first group, have found their voice, and are having fun…


  3. How lovely that you were awarded in Birmingham just down the road from Coventry my birthplace. Your work continues to make such a difference to my approach to being a Care Partner. Sincere thanks for your work and cyber friendship.


    • It is humbling, but also lovely to have the work I do recognised, as behind me there are so many other great advocates who are part of this award, also working tirelessly as well. Together, we can and will change the world for people with dementia Bron xo


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