Gambling and supermarkets

Christmas, brought to you by Woolworths

BANNED: Channel 9 is refusing to run our new TV ad exposing Woolworths as Australia’s largest poker machine owner.

Why? Because Woolworths are a key business partner. This is corporations banding together to stop us from exposing the truth about Woolies poker machines, designed to addict.

Check out the ad Channel 9 won’t let you see, and think about if you are happy that this refusal to air the truth, by a ‘trusted’ television station such as Channel 9, is appropriate. 

Few people realise that Woolworths is Australia’s largest operator of poker machines, which makes bringing public pressure hard. That’s because Woolies craftily hides behind a family-friendly image, as portrayed in this ad, and by the use of people like Jamie Oliver to promote their products. Actually, I say, shame on Jamie Oliver.

Each to their own regarding gambling, but the cost to families of those who are addicted to it, is huge, and often goes unnoticed. As you sit with your family (hopefully), think about those who have lost everything to some form of gambling, including the pokies, and also about whether you really want to shop at a super market like Woolworths who not only are becoming a monopoly with Coles, are the owners of more and more of your retail landscape. Once this happens, one can only predict the prices will definitely go up.

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