Gayle’s law

Gayles LawIn honour of a family friend, fellow nurse, daughter, wife, mother, aunty, and best friend, Gayle Woodford (nee Thompson), please, if you are a nurse, anywhere in the world wear a black arm bank in honour of Gayle today.

Please also consider signing the petition for the safety of all nurses as well:

“Remote Area Nurses (RAN) are instrumental in delivering and improving access to healthcare in isolated communities across our expansive outback. The role of the RAN encompasses the whole of life care, from antenate to end of life. We operate far outside the metro area, which means we are on call after hours and usually expected to attend after hours emergencies as single responders. Since Christmas 2015 there have been two sexual assaults of RAN’s and now the murder of our colleague in Fregon, South Australia. We are asking the Federal Health Minister, The Hon. Sussan Ley to abolish single nurse posts in Australia. And to assist in making it mandatory for two responders to attend all after hours call outs in Government, Indigenous Health Corporations and Not For Profit health centres across Australia.”

My heart goes out to Gayle’s immediate family and close friends, and especially her husband, children, sisters and her dear mum, my long time friend who I have known as Mrs Teacup for my whole life. No words will ever express the sadness, loss and tragedy of this truly senseless murder. R.I.P Gayle.

20 thoughts on “Gayle’s law

  1. Kate, I am so very sorry for your loss. It is my hope that this petition brings change. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.


  2. Kate, very sorry about what happened to Gayle. My wife is an RN and PA (Physician’s Assistant) now retired. Like Gayle, she has been stationed in remote areas, even in a men’s penitentiary, as the only medical support available in the area. It is a thankless, and sometimes dangerous, job.


    • Nurses all over the world will be feeling this loss. As you rightly say, it is often a thankless, and dangerous job, but those of us who are or have been nurses, almost never take that into account as it is for most, a passion to help others. I hope Gayle’s tragic loss brings about much needed change, especially for remote nurses and doctors, as it may ultimately be the only way anyone can make any sense out of it.


  3. Hi Kate such sad news for a nurse doing her duty. My thoughts go out to her family We worked in the evening and overnight we always went out in twos. However we used our own cars, so it is good that Gayles car had a tracker as it would have been hard to find her in such a vast area. xxx PS I have signed the petition


  4. Thanks Kate for your beautiful words. Just wanted you to know Australia wide all the nursing social media sites have been encouraging nurses or any one who wishes to show their respect for Gayle to wear a bandage as an arm band today.
    Thanks for putting into words the sorrow every one is feeling xo


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